Trevor Van den Eijnden
Acrylics, copper, silver or gold, on canvas or board
Various dimensions

The devastating effects of the 2011 Tōhoku, Japan tsunami and its subsequent ecological impact on the Pacific Ocean and the coast line of British Columbia has dominated a great deal of ecological discussion in the past three years. Many artifacts have washed ashore along the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America, include boats, docks and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. These moments of intensely personal yet multi-national dramas has brought the vastness, and the closeness of the far corners of this World.Pulling genesis from this connectivity, rather than the original event, this project attempts to engage personal mythology with maritime culture to emphasis the dependence of the world on its oceans that bind its species, and our civilizations to one another. As a barometer of the health of the world we can not afford to ignore the warnings it delivers to us upon its shores.