Familiar Strangers documentation online dissemination

Trevor Van den Eijnden


Fubiz.net, and
on Fubiz’ Facebook page.


February 2016 digital social media dissemination of Sham–Real Shadows exhibition at the Gam Gallery in 2015.


GAM Gallery
110 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia


23 January–21 February 2015
Opening reception Friday 23 January 2015, 8:00–11:00 pm

Almost 250,000 people eventually watched the documentation of audience interaction with the Familiar Strangers installation at The Gam Gallery. There were 13 of 23 possible photographic paper sculptures from the series on display. This was a beautiful gift in 2016 just three months before convicting for my Masters of Applied Art degree. I never expected a thousand people to spend time with my work, let alone a quarter million via soundless documentary recording via my iPhone.


Thank you Fubiz for sharing my work, and thank you to quarter million who watched the video in full, and everyone else who only stopped by for a moment!

The video shared by Fubiz on their networks documenting Familiar Strangers as installed for the 2015 Sham–Real Shadows exhibition at the Gam Gallery.